Our primary mission within Austin Cops for Charities is to join Austin Police Officers together in a self governed, consolidated charitable effort to support local charitable agencies and provide aid and support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.
Pre-order your Austin Amazons of 2019 Calendar via PayPal for $20 per calendar by clicking on the PAY PAL below the following information.

AMAZON Austin Cops for Charities is proud to announce the release of the Austin Amazons of 2019 charity calendar! This year, producers of the 2018 Warrior Women of APD project partnered with the Austin Fire Department and the ATC-EMS Association for an important cause. 

Allies Against Slavery will be the beneficiary. This organization helps communities and cities in the US to create solutions to modern-day slavery and human trafficking. Profits from the sale of the calendar will help Allies Against Slavery to disburse aid to recovered victims so that they heal and live in freedom. 

The production team, comprised of APD officers, decided to include women from the Austin Fire Department and from ATC-EMS for two reasons: first, we want to recognize all public servants who place their safety at risk for the benefit of their communities. The women in these male-dominated fields stand proudly with the men they serve with and their courage is what inspires other women to join the ranks of public service.
Second, we want to remind the city, public and government, that these three branches are one united team. APD, AFD and ATC-EMS work to maintain order and safety in Austin. With the help of a multitude of civilian employees (such as dispatchers, social workers, and mental health professionals) we strive to provide Austin with the most professional public service in Texas. Pre-ordering has already begun so if you want one go to http://austinc4c.com/ and preorder today!

Calendars can be picked up at the APA UNION HALL
Austin Police Association
5817 Wilcab Road, Suite 1
Austin, Texas 78721
(512) 474-6993
If you would like your calendar mailed,
​​​​​​​please contact Gina at 512-474-6993 for shipping information

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