Our primary mission within Austin Cops for Charities is to join Austin Police Officers together in a self governed, consolidated charitable effort to support local charitable agencies and provide aid and support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.

April 20, 2016: BBQ Fundraiser for Olivia Orr
2016 Officer Jaime Padron Memorial Golf Tournament
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Thank you letter to Austin Cops for Charities ~ Officer Domingo Rodriguez 
Greetings APD family and retirees,
                Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Those words cannot describe my love and admiration to my beloved APD family.  Back in November 2014, I made my plea to you all asking for financial help due to my step-son’s cancer.  Needless to say, many of you all stepped up, and for that I cannot thank you enough.
                My step-son, David Jay Losoya, began his fight against Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor (DSCRT) last year on 07.31.14.  His first treatment was chemo.  He did 8 rounds of Chemo at Dell Children’s hospital from August till November.  Then it was time for surgery.  On 01.06.15, my boy had a 10 hr surgery where he was opened up from his chest bone, down to his pubic bone. The 4 initial tumors that had been discovered were all removed.  Then it was time to inspect all organs with a microscope. All in all, 257 microscopic tumors were found during surgery and the specialist declared 100% removal of all nodules.  Then my son did his last and final treatment of his plan, radiation.  Radiation took the entire month of February, and boy was it tough on my boy.  His body did not like radiation, but he fought like a champ.
                All treatments were completed at the end of February.  Since then, it has been a wait and see game.  Every 3 months, since all treatments were completed, we have had to head back to Houston for follow up scans. The prayer for each of those scans has, and always will be for all scans to show no evidence of disease (N.E.D.).  We have done 3 follow up scans thus far, and each of those scans have so far shown “no evidence of disease”. 
                The road ahead of us is a long one. We still have many more scans to go.  The emotional roller coaster will continue till we hit the 5 year mark.  But as of right now, we and my boy, are living day by day and enjoying it. 
                This update is where my family is at now. Many of you all have been along for the ride since the beginning. And many more of you all joined the ride when I posted my letter to you all last year. As I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, thank you!!!!  Thank you to all those who either purchased t-shirts, bracelets, donated personally to me, or to our GoFundMe account. 
                But I must also mention my gratitude to the retirees and to Cops for Charities. The retirees definitely now have a permanent place in my heart.  Those guys/gals stepped up and made some significant donations, and some made several donations. As for Cops for Charities, wow, I can’t thank them enough.  They are one of the ones that were with my family from the get go. I would mention names, but then I’m afraid that I would hurt some feelings if I didn’t mention all names.  You all know who you are. 
                In closing, I leave you all with my deepest respect, love, and gratitude.  My family and I dearly love and care for all of you all.  Stay Strong!  Stay Motivated!
Domingo Rodriguez (5667) – MT511

Austin C4C 2nd collection of APD Holy Bears have arrived!

Our 2nd collection of APD Holy Bears have arrived! If you prepaid an order please come by the APA office and pick up your order. We will keep selling the bears from the APA office until we sell out. The Christmas Holidays are fast approaching so come by and purchase your APD Holy Bears today!

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APD, Cops for Charities, Wells Fargo & students team up to provide backpacks
On Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015, students from the Austin Police Department’s LinKS Program, the Austin Police Department’s Office of Community Liaison, Austin Cops For Charities (C4C), along with Wells Fargo Bank South Austin store managers, came together to help prepare and fill backpacks with school supplies. APD, C4C and Wells Fargo are sponsoring five different Austin Independent School District elementary schools by providing 538 backpacks to first graders for the 2015-2016 school year. The backpacks will be distributed to students this week.  
Texas Health and Science University Donates $3000 to Austin Cops for Charities in honor of Detective Robin Denton 
Lisa Ping-Hui Tsao Lin, President and Chief Executive Officer, of the Texas Health and Science University is very grateful for Detective Robin Denton’s professionalism and sense of duty while investigating a theft of nearly priceless art treasurers. In recognition of Detective Denton’s work Mrs. Lin donated $3,000.00 to Austin Cops for Charities. CLICK HERE to view the Letter of Recommendation
Austin Cops for Charities meetings are from 10:30 a.m. to 01:30 p.m. at APA Headquarters, 5817 Wilcab Road in the Jaime Padron Conference Room