Our primary mission within Austin Cops for Charities is to join Austin Police Officers together in a self governed, consolidated charitable effort to support local charitable agencies and provide aid and support to Austin Police Officers and their families in times of need.
"No Shave Month" Austin C4C Fundraiser
Make checks payable to:  Austin Cops for Charities - Reference: "No Shave Month"
Make checks payable to:  
Austin Cops for Charities
Reference: "No Shave Month
Checks can be mailed to:
Austin Cops for Charities
c/o "No Shave Month"
5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, Texas  78721
Announcing the Austin Police Department’s 2018 Award Recipients
Congratulations to each officer listed below and to their chain of command who understand the dedicated service these officers have contributed to their community. And congratulations to this year’s Austin Cops for Charities Leadership Awardees. We look forward to seeing all of our award recipients and their family and friends at the November 10th Stars of Distinction Awards Gala where each awardee will be recognized on stage for their dedicated service to their communities and their department.
2018 Award Recipients
Sergeant Brannon Ellsworth
Officer Jon Abbott
Officer Brett Fritz
Officer Vincent Garcia
Officer Jared Hidalgo
Officer William Jackman
Officer Jeffery Joseph
Officer Robert Justesen
Officer Jeff Kingsley
Officer Robert Nunez
Officer Patrick O'Connor
Officer Tandy Perkins
Officer Leighton Radtke
Officer Bernardo Ramirez (retired)
Officer Michael Ridge
Officer Eric Strnad

2018 Award Recipients
Officer Cody Martin
Officer Bryce Sakamoto

2018 Award Recipients
Lieutenant Courtney Renfro
Corporal Christopher Cato (W/Valor)
Corporal Michael Chavarria
Corporal Joshua Shows
Officer Dan Abney 
Officer Keith Allison
Officer Tony Bishop
Officer Chance Bretches  (W/ Valor)
Officer Michael Bullock 
Officer Hugh Butler 
Officer Andrew Carroll
Officer Thomas Castonguay 
Officer Michael Crossen 
Officer Jody Fiala 
Officer Robert Furbush 
Officer Todd Galbraith
Officer Gabriel Gutierrez 
Officer Dawn Hanson
Officer Grace Herbert
Officer Ricky Hollis
Officer William Johns
Officer Kyle Juusola
Officer Christopher King
Officer Kevin Krzan (W/ Valor)
Officer Derek Ladd
Officer Deborah Lindeman
Officer Chris Lugo 
Officer Charlie Maestas
Officer Monika McCoy
Officer Benjamin Mewis
Officer Kristopher Morrison
Officer Randy Mulroy (Retired)
Officer Joseph Murray 
Officer Khristof Oborski
Officer Dane O'Neil 
Officer Trissey Padro
Officer Lonnie Radabaugh 
Officer Katrina Ratcliff
Officer Cole Reinarz 
Officer Benjamin Rohe
Officer Keelan Sarnecki
Officer Brandon Schwanky
Officer Justin Scott
Officer Kyler Smith
Officer Joseph Strother
Officer Phillip Tripp
Officer Charles Tucker (W/Valor)
Officer Dustin Turner 
Officer James Turner 
Officer Zach Vandervalk
Officer Zachary Woods
Officer Phillip Zuniga
2018 Award Recipients
Assistant Chief Joseph Chacon
Commander Darryl Jamail (Retired)
Commander Kurtis Krause
Lieutenant V. Nick Hernandez (Retired)
Sergeant Robert Andrews
Sergeant Sandra Benningfield
Sergeant Ron Lara
Sergeant Joseph Lorett
Sergeant JJ Schmidt
Sergeant Martina St. Louis
Detective Richard Faithful
Detective Scott Glasgow
Detective Philip "Tony" Hogue
Detective Angel Polansky
Corporal Adrien Chopin
Officer Talentino Angelosante
Officer Roberto Arambula
Officer Everett Beldin
Officer Paul Bianchi
Officer Taylor Floyd
Officer Norberto Gonzales (resigned)
Officer Robert Krummell
Officer Daniel Levin
Officer Timothy Loveland
Officer Jesse McDowell
Officer Corey McKenna
Officer Marc Meyers
Officer Pat Nelsen
Officer Jason Rosson
Officer Timothy Skeen
Officer Michael Taylor
Officer Lewis Traylor

2018 Award Recipients
Sergeant Richard Ellsworth
Corporal Brian Robinson
Officer Andre Black
Officer Marie Bynum
Officer Justin Cummings
Officer Erica Danielle
Officer David Easley
Officer Kevin Kelly
Officer Jesse Mendoza
Officer Matthew Perritte

PATROL: G1100's
Sergeant Steven Willis
Officer Nate Canche
Officer Michael Castillo
Officer Gustave Gallenkamp
Officer Brian Huckaby
Officer Vanessa Jimenez
Officer Carlos Lopez
Officer Daniel McCameron
Officer Jose Rizo
Officer James Tomlinson
Officer Richard Weems

Commander Arthur Fortune
Lieutenant Jason Staniszewski
Sergeant Eric De Los Santos
Sergeant Tracy Gerrish
Detective John Brooks
Detective Paul Chavez
Detective Scott Donovan
Detective David Fugitt
Detective Angie Jones
Detective Richard Mabe
Detective Patrick O'Farrell
Detective Rolando Ramirez
Detective Roger Sanchez
Detective Nate Sexton
Officer Jorge Chavez
Crime Analyst Pamela Mazak

Sergeant John Sikoski
Detective Jonathan Riley
Officer Christopher Chandlar
Officer Marc McLeod
Officer Justin Miller
Officer Gordon Neils
Officer Mohammad Siddiqui
Officer Brian Spain
Officer Christopher Vanlandingham
Officer James Zapien

Commander Brent Dupre
Lieutenant Matt Greer
Detective Karen Olson
Detective Chris Rybarski
EOD / Bomb Unit ​
Commander Timothy Pruett
Lieutenant Courtney Renfro
Sergeant Jeff Dwyer
Detective Jesus Carrillo
Officer Robert Nunez
Officer John Beese
Officer James Collins 
Officer Joshua Euhus
Officer George Ewing
Officer Caine Johnson
Officer Jeffrey Joseph
Officer Jay McCormick
Officer James Pearson
Officer Scott Rhoades
Officer Estanislao Rodriguez
Officer LaSandra Williams
Officer Troy Wiser

2018 Award Recipients
Commander Jason Dusterhoft
Lieutenant Mike Summers
Sergeant Chris Hallas
Officer Jeffrey Binder
Officer Marcelino Gamboa
Officer Marlon Goodloe
Officer Philip Kelly
Officer Rose Perez
Officer Shawn Rougeou
Officer Aaron Townsend
Officer Joshua Visi
Officer Stephen Woytkewicz

PATROL: 1700'S
Corporal Joshua "Brock" Shows
Officer Joseph Gordon
Officer Myles Groenloh
Officer Francisco Jimenez
Officer Brandon Moxley
Officer Benjamin Rohe
Officer Ellis Schramm
Officer Brandon Stewart
Officer Lee Travis
Officer Andy Yu
Officer Yader Zelaya

2018 Award Recipients
Lieutenant Kelly Davenport
Detective Larry Biegert
Corporal Christopher Carlisle
Corporal Chris Cato
Corporal John Claunch
Officer Enjole Armstrong
Officer Jason Borne (Resigned)
Officer Andrew Carroll
Officer Kimberly Clement
Officer Jason Cummins
Officer Erica Danielle
Officer Nicolas Draper 
Officer Kyran Fitzgerald
Officer Chris Frierson 
Officer James Gibbens
Officer Myles Groenloh
Officer Elizabeth Morris
Officer Rolan Rast
Officer Roman Santos
Officer Michelle Schmidt
Officer Alice Thomas

2018 Distinguished Leadership Awards
Distinguished Civic Leadership Awardees
Sergeant Todd Harrison
Detective Kenny Nash
Officer Justin Berry
Officer Albino Cadenas
Officer Susanna Sanchez

Community Partner Recognition Awardees
Drone Pilot Rescue
Helping Hand Home for Children
Youth Civic Leadership Awardee
APD Police Explorer Ila Singh

2018 Distinguished Leadership Awardee
David L. Roche
We received good news today that the doctors took Tammy's chest tube out and she's in good spirits! She is scheduled to be flown to Austin on Monday, August 13th and will be closer to home, family and friends!
Her fellow APD officers who traveled to El Paso to be with her took a video on their Iphones and wanted to share it with all of our APD family.

Please continue with your prayers for Tammy's recovery. She still has a long road to recovery and will need all of the support of her loving APD family and the Austin Community she has proudly served for the past 10 years.
Austin Cops for Charities is continuing their fundraising efforts for Tammy. (Please scroll below the video to contribute to Tammy's Recovery Fund)
Make checks payable to:  Austin Cops for Charities - Reference: Tammy’s Recovery Fund
Make checks payable to:  
Austin Cops for Charities
Reference: Tammy’s Recovery Fund
Checks can be mailed to:
Austin Cops for Charities
c/o Tammy’s Recovery Fund
5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, Texas  78721
Click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the TAMMY BARRETT RECOVERY FUND  
Make checks payable to:  Austin Cops for Charities - Reference: Tammy’s Recovery Fund
Make checks payable to:  
Austin Cops for Charities
Reference: Tammy’s Recovery Fund
Checks can be mailed to:
Austin Cops for Charities
c/o Tammy’s Recovery Fund
5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, Texas  78721
To Austin Police Department’s Academy Memorial Marker Project

In 2003 the 107th and 108th cadet classes collected funds from their classes to be earmarked for a police memorial to be built after the construction project for the new public safety training campus was completed. Some subsequent academy classes also donated money to be used for this project as well.

In 2016 a committee was put together to see the project to fruition. Several meetings were held to study the idea and work through the planning and logistical challenges. The committee called upon Debbie Weir from Cook Walden Funeral Homes to help in the process due to her connection to vendors that would be able to create graphic renderings and provides cost estimates to their designs.

After several meetings and working through a few different ideas and concepts, the committee was able to come to an agreement on a design. The design has space for 37 names of fallen officers and APD current has 23 names that would need to be added to the memorial. In the future if/when all the spaces were to be used, the design allows expansion. The memorial is going to be delivered to the academy on May 24th, 2018 ready for construction between the old academy building and the new building.

Funds have been collected for the purchase and sandblasting of the monument. Additional funding is need to the construction of the memorial and the landscaping. We are calling upon the active and retired officers to pitch in and contribute to the fund for this project to see it to its final completion. After it is completed there will be a dedication ceremony in which all active and retired officers will be invited along with the survivors of the fallen officers. Please consider contributing to this fund.

Sr. Sgt. Tim Kresta

Click on the DONATE button below to make a donation to the APD Academy Memorial Marker Project.  

Make checks payable to AUSTIN COPS FOR CHARITIES and put the following on the check’s reference line:
Academy Memorial Marker
Mail checks to
Austin Cops for Charities
Academy Memorial Marker​
5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, TX  78721
Travis Country APD Officers Relief Fund
The residents of Travis Country want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the men and women of the APD.  In the events of March 18th, their compassion, leadership, and support were instrumental in helping our neighborhood cope with what occurred.  Please join us in donating money to the Travis Country Officers Relief Fund.  As a contributor to Austin Cops for Charites, the proceeds from this fund go to support officers in need when they need it most. 

Make checks payable to Austin Cops for Charities
and reference Travis Country APD Relief Fund. Mail checks to
 Austin Cops for Charities
Travis Country APD Officers Relief Fund
5817 Wilcab Road
Austin, TX  78721
Rescuing Ryan​
 Please read about one of our local heroes and support Ryan through prayer. Any and all donations will be a blessing to this family. CLICK HERE to donate to Officer Ryan Mihalik's GOFUNDME page
"Austin Cops for Charities was proud to support the 6th annual Austin Child Guidance Center benefit concert at the Moody Theater. Asleep at the Wheel put on an amazing concert, and the event raised a great deal of support for ACGC"
Hello APD Super Hero and Super Hero Supporters,

On Thursday August 31, 2017 the SWAT team in partnership with other members of APD will be hosting the 3rd Annual Superhero day at Dell Children's Medical Center.  As the founders of this unique community give back event we have tried to grow the experience each year to keep up with the kids imaginations. The memories and give a-ways we are able to provide is based on the kindness of our community and its business partners.

In past years we have had toy ponies, custard, super heroes puzzle trading cards and a commemorative event day t-shirts. We would love to build on the momentum and success of past years to make 2017 even better. Last year we partnered with Mikey Mathews at Republic Promos for our event day tee-shirts. We have reached out them again this year to do the same and they are ready to print, but the expense is approximately $2,500.  Your support is key in continuing this special outreach to the kids and their families that in need of hope and heroes. Please consider a personal donation or a business referral to help fund the memories that the August 31st Super Hero Day will provide. Currently Cops for Charities is assisting us with taking your Tax Deductible Donations.

We are on our way to accomplishing our vision of providing kid friendly heroes in the community thanks to Mrs. Ellyn Yacktman and Yacktman Investment Management. Their generosity enabled the purchase of movie quality costumes for our APD Heros. Our team now has the ability to take on our alter ego counterparts and attend events within the community all year long. Some of our heroes have already taken advantage of the opportunity to serve in this special capacity by making an appearance at Helping Hands.

If you or an organization that you are a part of can assist with funds, even the smallest donation can make a difference. We love the community we serve and if you know of anyone that has the desire to get involved, please let me know.

We are very excited that we have come this far and that is due in large part because of the generous help from each of you!

Cops for Charity (C4C)
Send checks cash or money orders to the following address Austin Cops For Charities attention superheroes.
5817 Wilcab Rd
Austin TX 78721
They can make a donation via PayPal on the C4C website BELOW. Also in the comment section make a notation for the superheroes.

If individual send in a check or money order it needs to be made payable to Austin Cops For Charities.

Katrina Pruitt
Austin Cops for Charities
The Blue Line Project Fundraising Campaign

Austin Cops for Charities Board of Trustees has forged a partnership with Austin Police Officer John Gabrielson, Author of THE BLUE LINE PROJECT, to assist in helping raise funding to help with the editing and publishing of his book. In return Officer Gabrielson is contributing 15% of the book’s  pre-release sales proceeds to Austin Cops for Charities and 35% of the books royalties to Austin Cops for Charities.
“My name is John Gabrielson and I am a Texas Police Officer looking for some financial help in a book project titled “The Blue Line Project”. Last year while speaking at a conference it was suggested that I write a book dealing with American Law enforcement. It was suggested that I tell the story of American policing from the perspective of a patrol officer who currently works on the street as a counter to the false narrative put out by the media and television.” 

“This book and coming documentary is not about me, but rather about the men and women of law enforcement and their families. With so many attacks on police, and public mistrust of police at all-time highs, I believe this project, can make a difference. I hope to raise a minimum of $6,000 for this project by the end of 2016. My first goal is to raise the first $2000 by the end of August. With your support I believe these goals are achievable”.
                                                                                                John Gabrielson
T-Shirt Only
Name on the Sponsor Page in the back of the book + 1 Blue Line Project T-Shirt
*** Note: After clicking the above "pay now" button, please input the amount you would like to contribute towards sponsorship under "Price per item"
$300 +
Name in the Primary Sponsor list in the front of the book, T-Shirt, Singed hard copy, and commemorative plaque honoring our fallen heroes
is sample HTML code.
*** Note: After clicking the above "pay now" button, please input the amount you would like to contribute towards sponsorship under "Price per item"
Kathryn Magana, mother of SPO Kristy Astran #4729, passed away unexpectedly January 2, 2017. Kathryn was on a fixed income and did not have life insurance. The family has been able to cover funeral costs through a gofundme account https://www.gofundme.com/kathy-maganas-funeral-services. Funds are still needed to purchase a headstone/marker plus caring for Kathryn’s disabled brother. Kathryn and her husband cared for Kathryn’s disabled brother for years on a fixed income and now that responsibility falls to the surviving husband of Kathryn. Any additional funds will go to the purchase of Kathryn’s headstone/marker and to assist Officer Astran’s step-father and her disabled uncle.  SPO Astran and her brother, Joseph, are the primary providers for the family. The week after they laid their mom, Kathryn, to rest Joseph was notified he was being laid off with less than a month’s notice.  All donations and prayers are greatly appreciated. Blessings to all!
Austin Cops for Charities Board of Trustees meet monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Austin Police Association’s conference room located at their main headquarters, 5817 Wilcab Road in Austin, TX  78721. ​​​